What is an


An Oxford-style Debate is a communication process in which participants argue for and against a given topic. According to Wikipedia, physical Oxford-style Debate is:

"A competitive debate format featuring a sharply framed motion that is proposed by one side and opposed by another. A winner is declared in an Oxford-style Debate either by the majority or by which team has swayed more audience members between the two votes."

The online version of the Oxford-style Debate adaptes the physical model and makes it possible to expand the capabilities of both speakers and audience.


Propose a topic with two opposite views.


The subject that will stimulate the debate.

Speaker A

Each speaker defense their pont of view in form of a Proposal.

Speaker B

Both of them will use web connectivity and multimedia.

Every member of the debate communiy can vote or comment fixing its position on one of the two speaker's proposals, or the can even rase their own alternatives. They can share and promote their position via social media and email.


You can enrich the Oxford-style Debate simple plugin with an Insight Oxford-style Debate beta version.

What you get with the

Oxford-style Debate plugin

  • Create debates, vote, comment and share
  • Include a vote counter by proposal
  • Add multimedia material
  • Customize colours and style
  • Totally fits with Hybrid Days Theme

What adds the

Insight Beta Version

  • Create debates with visual votes by day
  • Include a visual votes counter by proposal
  • Add multimedia material and demographics of your users
  • Add stats of your users behaviour such as votes evolution, most valuable comments, etc.
  • Receive by email the news of your debate weekly
  • Check out all the information on your website dashboard
  • Totally fits with Hybrid Days Theme

*VAT NOT INCLUDED. Only 2.99€/month after trial period. Terms apply.

How to use


Add the debate Wordpress site to start with Insight. You will need the name and URL of your website

Copy the Product Key and paste it on the OxD Settings of the Wordpress admin page

Create a new debate on your Wordpress site and enjoy all the features

Perfectly match with

Hybrid Days Theme

Happy Debating!